Im struggling with what to do

I have had a mobile me account for 2 years now, heck i used to host my site there. I use the web gallery and back to my mac frequently, but im having a really hard time justifying $99.99 ($65.00 ish if you can find an older package on amazon) per year for those two features and only getting 20gb of online storage is kinda crappy. I do realize the Idisk feature is hard to replicate without having actual server hardware, but there are free/ MUCH better deals for all the things that mobile me does, with just a bit more hassle.

-Web gallery for example can be handled by flicker( pro is $25 bucks a year), or picasa ( 200gb of storage for $50 BUCKS!!! CLICKY ).
-Contact sync is being handled by google because of my droid (free)
-I can use ssh or even vnc ( with a little work, but my time is free to me) for back to my mac
-I never really used the mail function, and have mail at my domain , courtesy of gmail (free)
-my iphone is a fancy ipod touch so the find my iphone stuff isnt really useful.
-Idisk is great but if im using ssh/vnc…then ill just serve stuff off my desktop/ i have server space at work if its work related.

I just cant see spending the money every year. im not saying its not a good product, because it has served me well….i just think i have out grown the limited services it provides.

thoughts or suggestions?

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