Moved again.

Well we found a really sweet place in North Tacoma and we couldn’t pass it up. No AC and old appliances, but I know I’m already sleeping better. Now its all about getting all our crap in and organized. The neighborhood is quiet and almost everything we need¬† is walkable, with the exception of a …read in detail

Beach Fresh!

Well Im not fresh(pre showered)…. we just got back from a camping trip at Cape Disapointment State Park. We went with Meri’s parents and had a blast with our pack of Goldies. We are sunburnt,tired, sore, and all eaten up by bugs, but the trip was seriously worth every little bit. Ill go into more …read in detail

Long Over Due Update

Whelp ive been at my new job for a little more than three months…Ive also been in Washington for over a year. This job is testing me in all ways possible, but its a good thing. Im finally challenged, but not so underwater that I cant get air when i need it. Im growing and learning things faster than I though possible.

Ok so its close enough to my start date……

I totally still don’t believe this is real, but on Wednesday I start working for a company i NEVER thought i could work for. I’m starting at Sitecrafting, a small web development company in Tacoma, WA. No more long ass commute, bait and switch and three sets of politics to deal with. SO STINKING STOKED!